Hermes is the Greek god of trade, heraldry, merchants, commerce, roads, sports, travellers, and athletes. But here, we are only interested in the traveller aspect of the god. But, if you look closely, all the aspect of which he is a god of, are required if you want to be a traveller & not required if you want to be a 'travel influencer'.

Though like you, even I had to google what Heraldry is! Having said that, you need to be Hermes so that you don't miss out the best years of your life sitting behind a desk and reading this. But since you are reading this, I will make it a little worthwhile for you.

I am not a traveller per se, not yet, but in 2019, maybe! What I have is a set of skills that I have acquired over time in my job which can help you in planning the best travels of your life, at a price, that would make an average travel influencer* jealous.

*Assuming the travel influenced didn't fly for free, but ain't that a rare breed!

Under Project Hermes, I will be talking about tools, techniques, companies, groups, communities, etc. that can help you plan better, create quick gateway options, & save quite a lot of money.

Over this week, I am going lay out what I am going to write over the next 6-12 months & hoping to stick to that plan; maybe putting it out here in public is the boost that I need.

Wish me luck  & let's begin 2019!